So you’ve never heard of McShep and you’re wondering why you should vote for them. Here are five utterly canon moments to help you understand why they’re so beloved. 

1, Rodney’s sister is dying and only with assistance from a Wraith can he hope to save her. The problem is the wraith is starving and can’t work without feeding - and he only feeds on people. Rodney goes to John to ask his permission to sacrifice himself, they argue and John tells him no. Before Rodney can go through with it, John has talked ANOTHER MAN into letting the wraith feed on him. John Sheppard literally talked another person into committing suicide so Rodney would live.

2. They spend a considerable amount of their free time together. They spent months playing a Sims-like game until they realized they were actually controlling two real civilizations and had them on the brink of war. So they switched to chess. Then later they got RC cars and raced them through the lower levels of Atlantis. It’s as adorable as it sounds.

3. When Rodney got a parasite in his brain that was creating Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in weeks rather than years, the only person Rodney remembered at the end was John. When he was scared, it was John’s room he ran to. Before he lost all of himself Rodney asked John to say goodbye properly and John refused, saying Rodney was stuck with him. The Beer on the Pier scene is a classic McShep moment.

4. A freak occurrence with the Stargate sends John 48,000 years into the future. Rodney can’t accept his ‘death’ and spends the rest of his life trying to find a way to bring John back, even inventing a new type of math in order to do so. Rodney is willing to change the timeline because he’s convinced that a universe where John Sheppard lives is more important than anything else.

5. Rodney told John his password. John not only remembered it, but he understood the meaning behind it. It helps that they’re both big nerds.

I could have given dozens and dozens more examples but I think you guys get the idea Even if you don’t vote for McShep in the tourney, do yourself a favor and give Stargate Atlantis a shot. By the second episode you’ll understand why so many of us ship McShep and why even five years after the show has gone off the air we still love John and Rodney. Please consider voting for them.

Voting for Round 1 will be open through Monday, July 29th 11:59 p.m. EST. You can vote once per hour between now and then for your favorite couple in each bracket. (Remember you’re allowed to vote once per device - so your computer, your iPad, your phone….)

Best of luck to all the ships participating.

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